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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Our goal is to revolutionize the way we practice dentistry. To achieve this we always strive to provide the best dental technology to our patients. With this laser we are able to accomplish dental procedures faster than ever, with less pain, less bleeding, and faster healing.

Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment:

  •   Reduced heat and vibration
  •   High precision
  •   Little or no need for anaesthetic.
  •   Little or no bleeding.
  •   Faster treatment Your Message.
  •   Increased rate of curing/bleaching.
  •   Less post-operative pain and swelling.
  •   Fewer pain medications/antibiotics

LASERS can be used for:

  •   These lasers can be used to recontour the gums to improve the symmetry in your smile.
  •   In case of Gummy Smiles, this laser is used to remove excess gum tissue, exposing more of the healthy tooth for a beautiful smile.
  •   Used in treating lesions, ulcers and benign soft-tissue growths.
  •   Treatment of gum disease can be easily done by eliminating infected pockets. This can help in stopping the gum disease and preventing it from re-occurring.
  •   Used in root canal treatments.
  •   These lasers are very safe and are valuable tools in dental surgery for the cutting and removal of soft tissue.
  •   They are very precise and minimally invasive which reduce pain during and after the procedure.
  •   Reduces risks of infection, and offer patients a faster recovery than traditional method.
  •   Used for Teeth Whitening – The laser is very powerful and can give fast results for teeth whitening.